Woodshutts Street to go one way?


What do the residents want?

Dear Residents

I am writing to consult you on some ideas and suggestions that have been put forward by many local people.  There have been complaints for many years about the increased flow of traffic along Woodshutt’s Street.  The traffic problems are also affecting the residents of Woodlands Avenue and Pickwick place.

Woodshutt’s Street has become extremely narrow in recent years due to the increase of parked cars along the Road.  This is no fault of the residents because it’s not practical to ask people to park their vehicles somewhere else but we do need to find a solution.

One suggestion that has been raised on a regular basis is the possibility of making access to Woodshutt’s Street one way via Congleton Road.  The reason for this is to stop people using Woodshutt’s Street to avoid the traffic lights on Cedar Avenue.  Putting this measure in place would also avoid any collisions that could be caused by traffic travelling at high speeds along the narrow part of Woodshutt’s Street located between the terraced properties.

Another suggestion has been to close off the end of Woodshutt’s Street where it joins onto Congleton Road to stop traffic entering or exiting altogether.

I have raised this matter with our County Council in the past but my concerns have not been taken up.  Therefore with your help I might have a better chance of getting Staffordshire County Council Highways department to look at our case more closely.

A leaflet will be distributed soon and I am hoping we get lots of responses.  If you have any ideas please comment on this post and leave your feedback.

Many thanks


About cllrkylerobinson

Newcastle Borough Councillor and Kidsgrove Town Councillor for the Butt Lane and Talke Ward. Staffordshire County Councillor for Butt Lane, Talke and Red Street. Please visit my blog www.cllrkylerobinson.com Twitter @kyle_robinson22

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  1. Woodshutts Resident

    I refer to your leaflet regarding the parking in Woodshutts Street,and agree something needs to be done.
    We have 2 cars, and my husband does pay for off road parking on Congleton road,firstly because of the
    amount of cars parked in Woodshutts Street, and secondly because he has a fairly new car and does not
    want it to be damaged.
    I personally think that making the street one way would be a great idea..a few of the residents have also
    talked about permit parking,but it is getting everyone to agree..
    I think it is good that you are bothering to try to do something to help the problem.
    Would you still like me to return the leaflet ?

  2. councillor,
    regarding the woodshutts street problem
    I would make it ONE WAY

  3. I was interested to read your letter with regards to the traffic problems in Woodshutts Street, and the proposed suggestions.

    I have lived at 36 Woodshutts Street for the last 20 years, and this has been a problem ever since I have lived here. I don’t think it’s worse now; it has always been constantly double parked at the Congleton Road end with lots of traffic, particularly around 5-6pm, made worse by the constant parking of vehicles on the corners of the street on Congleton Road.

    The suggestion to make the street one-way, going from Congleton Road was unexpected, as I have always considered that most of the traffic seems to come from the Congleton Road end, with people possibly trying to cut out the Cedar Avenue traffic lights. So the idea to make it one way may not solve the problem at all. Also cars seem to go quite fast, and this may encourage cars to go faster if anything.

    The other proposal to close the street off at the top next to Congleton Road would be a better suggestion, but the problem I would have with this is that there is nowhere at the top for residents with cars at this end of the street to turn around. With cars double parked here, it would be impossible to park outside your house and then turn round when you wanted to go out.

    I would be in favour of having bollards blocking the street beyond the Woodlands Avenue left turn, blocking the using of the street as a by-pass of Cedar Avenue from both ends of the street. In this case residents of this end of Woodshutts Street would be able to turn around where there is space at that wider part.

    As you make clear, this is a matter that needs taking up with the council, and I would be very grateful of some resolution.

  4. Thank you very much for your contribution to the Woodshutt’s Street Survey. I like to encourage as many local people to get involved in their community and have a say on whats happening.

    Many thanks

  5. I am a resident of Pickwick Place and have been since 1979, before that in Millstone Avenue since birth, so I know quite a lot concerning Woodshutt’s Street traffic problems.

    I am a professional driver with over 48 years’ experience and use the junction of Woodshutt’s Street and Congleton Road every day, but point out the problems starts at both ends of Woodshutt’s Street, from the roundabout at Cedar Avenue into Woodshutt’s Street and the junction at Congleton Road were you have to negotiate irresponsible parking on both sides of the road and on blind bends the length of Woodshutt;s Street.

    I have complained on a number of accasions to the traffic police, but even they find it difficult to sort out.

    Sooner or later the law of averages will see a serious accident happen on Woodshutt’s Street.

    In my opinion the only way is close Woodshutt’s Street off at the junction with Congleton Road, the sooner the better.

  6. Mr Brown

    Thank you very much for your comments. I will include them in my evidence that will be handed over to Staffordshire County Councils Highways Authority. I completely agree that this problem has gone on for far too long and something must be done.

    Many thanks


  7. hi im just writing this message because ive just had a news letter through the post ive just looked through it and im up for the ballards being up ,to cut the traffic up the road as its dangerous for when my kids are out playing and you have cars blasting up the road knocking wing mirrors off cars 2 ive had on in three months its not good when the people dont even live here. as for the ballards its not been thought through good because if the ballards were at the top by the shop then were would we have enough space to turn our cars at the top of the rd ,if they put the ballards at the bottom of the rd just before pickford place then there is enough room for people to turn then and it much safer for the alley way that school kids use before school and after so you wont have cars blasting at 40 mph as they do that most of the time up this steet .

  8. I just thought I should let you know that I have received well over 60 responses regarding Woodshutts Street and people really want some action. I have also contacted the County Councillors to ask them to take our case up which they have promised to do. I will soon publish the results of the recent survey here at: http://www.cllrkylerobinson.com

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