Councillors ask for ‘avoid parking signs’


Kidsgrove, The Avenue on an average day.

Motorists have told Labour councillors that they wouldn’t park on The Avenue if there was more parking in Kidsgrove Town centre.  On a walkabout last week councillors spoke to people who park their cars on The Avenue on a daily basis. 

It was discovered that some commuters parked their cars on this stretch of the road due to the lack of parking at Kidsgrove train station and not due to the £2 parking charge introduced in 2011 (although some had a moan about the charges).  One commuter furiously asked why the county council hadn’t opened up a new car park at the side of the train station with all the spare land available. This has been promised in the past.  I shook my head and told the gentleman he needed to contact his County Councillors who have access to officers who can push this forward. 

Residents have also said that some staff at the local primary school are forced to park on this road due to virtually no parking on their premises.  I do sympathise with the staff and feel they have little option to park anywhere else.   The school was never designed to accommodate a large amount of vehicles and the open space available is used as a playground for the children. 

Ravenswood care home has recently expanded to offer more places for the elderly.  This move has taken up more space that was originally used by visitors for parking.  It has been noted that carers working shifts have also been forced to use The Avenue to park their vehicles.  Was the lack of parking ever questioned by Newcastle Borough Councils planning committee when the extension was passed a few years ago? 

We took a stroll into the town centre to find that during midday the car parks in Kidsgrove were packed full.  Parking is mainly being used by shoppers and by people who are employed locally.  I do sympathise with local residents who have to put up with ever increasing traffic outside their front doors.  If vehicles are parked illegally Newcastle Borough Council parking wardens will take action and I have asked for this area to be targeted.  It has been pointed out that The Avenue does not have double yellow lines along it so people parking their cars aren’t actually breaking the law.  This is a matter of common sense and people should use the town centre car parks in the first instance to ensure safety of pedestrians, residents and vehicles passing through. 

Labour Councillors have asked the County Council to put up signs asking people to use car parks and not the highway.  The situation is constantly being monitored by highways officers and councillors are working to improve the situation. 

I have looked up the definition of ‘double parking’ and in this case we do not have the same problem:

“Most people think of cars which are illegally parked when they visualise double parking. In the first and often most pernicious sense, double parking refers to parallel parking alongside another car so that all or part of your vehicle is in the street. In addition to blocking the original, legally parked car in, the double parked vehicle will block part of the street and a bicycle lane, if one is present. In highly congested cities, double parking can be a serious problem, since it obstructs traffic”.

Many thanks

Councillor Kyle Robinson

About cllrkylerobinson

Newcastle Borough Councillor and Kidsgrove Town Councillor for the Butt Lane and Talke Ward. Staffordshire County Councillor for Butt Lane, Talke and Red Street. Please visit my blog Twitter @kyle_robinson22

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  1. Hi Arthur

    Thank you for this information. I shall speak to the joint parking committee at Newcastle and find out if this has moved forward. It is a good suggestion for the yellow lines to be on one side but it depends if Staffordshire County Council Highways are willing to take it forward. Ultimately they are responsible for this and something needs doing.

    Many thanks


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