Slacken Lane residents set for development battle

An aerial view of Slacken Lane.

An aerial view of Slacken Lane.

Residents of Slacken Lane have been notified that a planning application has been made to develop 6 dwellings just off Slacken Lane.  This site has been vehemently defended by Butt Lane people for many years and is seen as an area of natural beauty.  Councillors have now written to local people in an attempt to challenge the application. 

Residents will welcome the news that Kidsgrove Town Council, all 3 Newcastle Borough Councillors and Joan Walley MP have objected to development of this land on many different grounds. 

Town Councillor Elliot Ashton who is also an Architectural surveyor has done his own report on the site and has concluded the following:

  • Access – The proposed dwellings are off what can only be described as a footpath beyond the wide part of Slacken Lane where current dwellings are.  For the development to work with the number of cars shown on the plans the land would need to be widened and adopted by the council.
  • Landscaping – Lack of public spaces, the properties have only been allocated rear gardens with no provision for any soft landscaping to fronts of the dwellings to improve their appearance.
  • Plans have not been submitted for each dwelling.
  • The bungalow to the rear of Number 17 will undoubtedly affect the occupants of Number 17 as it completely obstructs the view at the rear of the property.
  • Inappropriate development – the number of bungalows proposed is unacceptable and not in keeping with the area.

Councillors for Butt lane recognise that the local infrastructure is struggling with the ever increasing developments.  Over 300 properties have been developed by Revelan at the rear of Church Street and into West Avenue.  This has added further pressure to the A34, Congleton Road whilst Staffordshire Highways continue to insist congestion and speeding doesn’t exist.

Councillor Kyle Robinsons says:

“The loss of amenity to the community will be huge and the environment will suffer a lot of devastation if developments go ahead.  There is a major chance that further development in this area will also create a flood risk.  There will be a loss of important trees, hedges and other vegetation.  Wildlife activists have told Councillors and residents that the Slacken Lane area holds a wide variety of rare plants and animals and certain wildlife habitats are at risk.  I will never accept this site would benefit from development and I believe those landowners who own different parts need to tread very carefully or face the full wroth of Butt Lane people and its Councillors”.

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Newcastle Borough Councillor and Kidsgrove Town Councillor for the Butt Lane and Talke Ward. Staffordshire County Councillor for Butt Lane, Talke and Red Street. Please visit my blog Twitter @kyle_robinson22

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