Our Royal Mail at threat


Joan Walley MP and the Butt Lane Labour team campaign against the Governments privatisation of Royal Mail.

Labour Councillors in Butt Lane are supporting Joan Walley MP to fight Government plans to privatise Royal Mail. We believe it is not in the best interests of postal workers or customers and were campaigning to keep the UK’s postal service in public hands. The current campaign to save the Royal Mail is supported by a multitude of organisations and unions including the CWU.

Back in 2006 Liz Lynne, Liberal Democrat MEP joined local Liberal Democrat activists in Kidsgrove to campaign against cuts to postal services. Liz Lynne MEP said: “With our proposals for a shared ownership scheme for the Royal Mail that would provide branches with £2 billion of investment for new technology and diversification, only the Liberal Democrats can save Post Offices from their imminent extinction.” A former Lib Dem Councillor also said: “Kidsgrove residents, particularly pensioners, use the post office both to receive benefits and pay for their TV licence, and these cuts in services will hit them hard.”

Well what can I say, I totally agree with their comments but how times change. We now have a Liberal Democrat Business Secretary; Vince Cable, pushing through privatisation that will permanently damage our Royal Mail and a system that would put profit before the people. We have seen how the British people are being shafted by the energy companies due to privatisation. Whilst the fat cats make billions people in Butt Lane and all around the UK worry about how much the gas and electric bill will be at the end of the month. It would be a disaster to do the same with Royal Mail and leave us hardworking folk out of pocket. Some complain at the cost of a stamp now, you will be paying through your nose if a private company takes it on.

Please sign the petition on the change.org website:


The Newcastle-under-Lyme Labour Group will also be putting a motion to Newcastle Borough Council proposed by Cllr Tony Kearon.

Opposition to the Privatisation of Royal Mail: Proposed by Cllr Tony Kearon on behalf of the Labour Group. This council notes the proposal by the government to privatise the Royal Mail and wishes to place on record its opposition to the process of privatisation taking place within the Royal Mail and the threat to the ‘six day, one price goes anywhere’ delivery. These proposals will lead to higher prices and a worse service for residents across the Borough. This council notes that the proposals for the privatisation of Royal Mail are opposed by the Federation of Sub-Postmasters; opposed by 96% of Royal Mail employees; opposed by 71% of Royal Mail managers; opposed by the Communication Workers Union, and according to a poll conducted the Bow Group is opposed by 67% of the public (inc. 52% of Conservative supporters).

This council believes that the privatisation of Royal Mail, coupled with the separation from the Post Office by the Postal Services Act 2011, could put rural sub-post offices in Newcastle-under-Lyme in danger of closure if new owners seek to renegotiate contracts. Most sub-post offices are reliant upon provision of Royal Mail services in order to remain viable.

This council further believes that it is within the interests of local residents for the Royal Mail to remain a publicly owned company, ensuring the continuation of the daily delivery service, protecting the free mail for HM Armed Forces, keep prices reasonable and competitive and ensure that rural communities remain connected and with a reliable service.

This council mandates the Leader to write to Michael Fallon MP and Vince Cable MP expressing our objection to the privatisation of Royal Mail. This Council further mandates the Leader write to the 4 Members of Parliament representing the Borough and urge them to vote against any privatisation plans.

It doesn’t end there.  On a local level your Labour Councillors are campaigning to ensure all the Post Boxes are better maintained by Royal Mail.  So we are writing to the Chief Executive of Royal Mail to ask for all our post boxes to be repainted pillar box red so that they stand out for years to come.


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Newcastle Borough Councillor and Kidsgrove Town Councillor for the Butt Lane and Talke Ward. Staffordshire County Councillor for Butt Lane, Talke and Red Street. Please visit my blog www.cllrkylerobinson.com Twitter @kyle_robinson22

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  1. We use this depo if we are not home for collection’s. Shut this mailing office down we could be travelling for miles.

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