Save Kidsgrove Youth Centres!


Don’t let our youth clubs close!

Labour controlled Kidsgrove Town Council has formally objected to Staffordshire County Council closing down youth centres in Kidsgrove and across the rest of Staffordshire.  In a very animated meeting of the Town Council, members spoke passionately about the importance of local youth services.

Staffordshire County Council is proposing to close all 38 youth centres and clubs down across the whole of Staffordshire.  The authority is currently carrying out a consultation, suggesting that only those who are most vulnerable will have access to any kind of youth service.  This move will also see numerous youth workers across the County made redundant.

In a letter to the Chief Executive of Staffordshire County Council, Nick Bell, Councillors have made it clear that they vehemently oppose this move and describe it as a step back for the community.

Kyle says: “I am appalled by the news that Conservative controlled Staffordshire County Council is looking to close down all our Youth Centres across Staffordshire.  For years the current administration has been talking down the youth service.  What are the consequences of this money grabbing sham?  I have dire concerns that the consultation carried out by Staffordshire County Council will be a complete joke.  You only have to look at what happened with the Day Care Services.  Ultimately I have learned the fat cats have already made their decision to shut everything, whether we like it or not.”

“Youth centres are not only seen as a leisure activity but also an educational facility, giving young people the opportunity to talk about sexual health, drug misuse and alcohol misuse.  To take this service away would leave young people with nowhere to go for this advice.”

Labour Councillor, Elsie Bates said: “Imagine in a few years time when more young people are hanging around on the streets because they have nothing to do and nowhere to go.  Residents will regularly be reporting that Anti-social behaviour is on the up, because gangs of young people are gathering outside people’s homes or on the local shop forecourt.  Let’s face it, we are all guilty of thinking young people are up to no good when they gather with friends in the locality.  They don’t have to be doing anything and we instantly assume they are up to no good or doing drugs etc.  I was always taught that to assume makes an ass out of you and me.  If we close down every centre, leaving young people with nowhere to go then we are bound to see this very unfortunate situation of ‘kids on streets’ again.  We are smashing down every achievement we have made in the youth services over the years.”

Members of the council also made it clear that leisure activities in the local area would not fill the gap of a youth service that has been around for years.  The private sector cannot take on the role of a youth service and the move to cut services so much will have a particular hit on socially deprived areas in Kidsgrove.

You can sign the petition to Save Staffordshire Youth Service on the link below:

You can also take part in the consultation on Staffordshire Youth Services on the link below:

You can also listen to my interview on Youth Services – (31.46 Minutes) Stafford FM:

Youth Service Radio Interview

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Newcastle Borough Councillor and Kidsgrove Town Councillor for the Butt Lane and Talke Ward. Staffordshire County Councillor for Butt Lane, Talke and Red Street. Please visit my blog Twitter @kyle_robinson22

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  1. I recall when I was a labour member. Asking the local labour councillors to build a youth centre at the same time and on the same donated land that Butt Lane Community Centre is built. And was told it wasn’t needed or wanted! Although, I wouldn’t want to see any Youth Centre’s closed. I’ll note your hypocracy!

    • Was this in 1999 when I was still at school lol. If I can remember rightly, Labour Cllr Mavis Lench (god rest her soul) fought for the community centre because she felt youth services and events could be held at the centre. She felt a centre at the heart of the community should be provided for young and old, not just young people. Please don’t try and question mine or local labours commitment to young people because you will lose the argument!

  2. Yes. Cllr Mavis Lench was a great stalwart of our community. “Old Labour” god bless her..
    But they never pushed for a youth set up there. I was pushing for it… John Taylor told me personally the kids didn’t want it!
    I was there, “not in school” and on the Centre Management Committee.

    • What’s very unfortunate is the fact UKIP at Staffordshire County Council voted with the Tories to close youth centres, close children’s centres, close day care centres and close libraries. That’s not standing up for the people of Butt Lane or Kidsgrove. Such a shame.

  3. Yes. unfortunate people are having to make difficult decisions like that to make savings, because Labour errr “the bankers” messed the economy up.

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