Taylor Wimpey Butt Lane Consultation

Dear Residents,

As you may already be aware, Taylor Wimpey have written to councillors and residents regarding the development of 171 more homes at the rear of Church Street.  The site already has retrospective planning permission and ultimately development will go ahead.  I fought the original application on the ground that local roads would suffer congestion issues, primary schools were at capacity and the development was overbearing for residents of Church Street and Congleton Road.  Unfortunately, the planning committee agreed to the development but we did get some concessions for the community.  These concessions included a contribution from the developer towards traffic calming measures for Congleton Road, including flshing speed restriction signs.  Although Staffordshire Highways are hell bent on telling the residents that Congleton Road is safe, we know very differently.  We live here!

The developments that are proposed come right up to the boundary line on the site meaning residents of Church Street and Congleton Road have serious concerns about privacy and right to light.  I must insist that the developer listens to residents views and take seriously what people are saying.  There is an incline on the land above Bluebell croft which means bedroom windows would face directly infront of living room windows on surrounding streets.  The developer needs to look at ways to reduce infringment on current residents privacy.

I also have major concerns with the fencing along what is known as footpath number 16. During the bluebell croft development, the concrete fencing along footpath number 16 was not removed. This led to the developer placing wooden panels in front of the concrete posts and leaving the residents of Church Street with an eyesore of a fence, some residents  claiming damage was caused to the concrete posts by the developer.  I have met with Taylor Wimpey site managers and they kindly dealt with some of my concerns and I was very grateful. I feel going forward Taylor Wimpey should consider taking out the concrete panels and installing the wooden fencing along the rest of the border. I am sure Staffordshire County Council would agree to this if it benefits residents that have lived along Church Street for more than 40 years.

I spoke out on school places more recently as I feel primary schools are facing maximum capacity in the Butt Lane area.  Many reports from parents looking for schools outside of the area because they cant get a place in their local school, are becoming common place.  Developers need to be contributing to local schools through 106 agreements to ensure either new schools are built or extensions are funded.  I also pointed out to the planning committee that we can only fit enough classroom sheds in playgrounds before we face a real capacity crisis.

Although there will be some negatives to this development that many residents were against, some positives will arise.  The development brings with it the opportunity for a new community woodland and open space.  I have also written to Taylor Wimpey asking for a childrens play area as the current provision in the area is lacking for young toddlers and children.

Whilst I do understand people being frustrated with this development at the rear of their properties, please let me assure you I and Labour Councillors did not support it.  We fought the original application on the many grounds mentioned above, but we did not win our case.  What we need to do now is lobby Taylor Wimpey to work with current residents to get the best deal for the surrounding area and make changes to suit us as a community.

If you are affected by this development please attend the public exhibition meeting for the proposed 171 homes on Wednesday 28th May, 2-8pm at St Saviours C of E School, Congleton Road, Butt Lane.  Your voice must be heard by developers.

Thank you,

Councillor Kyle Robinson

Taylor Wimpey Development Site 1

Looking along the boundary of the development site, at the rear of Chursh Street.

Taylor Wimpey Development Site 2

Looking down towards BlueBell Croft Development from the proposed development site.

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Newcastle Borough Councillor and Kidsgrove Town Councillor for the Butt Lane and Talke Ward. Staffordshire County Councillor for Butt Lane, Talke and Red Street. Please visit my blog www.cllrkylerobinson.com Twitter @kyle_robinson22

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