Ashgrove House Blights Community


Councillor Kyle Robinson inspecting the Ashgrove House site.

Councillors and residents are calling for action to be taken on a former care home. The empty property on Lower Ash Road has been blighted by anti-social behaviour, rubbish dumping and a complete lack of garden maintenance. There have also been several complaints regarding gravel used to block the entrance to the site. The gravel has encroached onto the pavement, causing several trips and falls.

Kyle says: “The property has been on the market for many years and continues to be an eyesore in our community. Complaints from local people have been coming in thick and fast as the site continues to deteriorate. There is currently planning permission in place to allow the owner to demolish the property and build several homes.

“I have urged officers of the council to apply pressure on the current property owners. Land banking is unacceptable and I take a very dim view on it. Empty homes and properties quickly fall into disrepair and attract pests, graffiti and litter, becoming a target for vandalism, squatting, break-ins and arson. This is not fair on the neighbours.  Following an inspection of the site, it looks as though people are accessing the building through an unsecured side entrance.  I have asked that the building is secured as a matter of urgency.”

Local resident, Hazel Tench said: “We are fed up with the mess this building has been left in. The owners need to move forward and develop the site. We don’t like it because it seems they are holding onto this property to then sell to the highest bidder. The owners don’t have to look at it day in, day out. I know a neighbour that fell over outside of the house because of the rubble and rubbish on the pavements.”

Newcastle Borough Council will do all it can to ensure the site is made safe and to encourage the development of the site.


About cllrkylerobinson

Newcastle Borough Councillor and Kidsgrove Town Councillor for the Butt Lane and Talke Ward. Staffordshire County Councillor for Butt Lane, Talke and Red Street. Please visit my blog Twitter @kyle_robinson22

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  1. If the current land owners are really hanging on to this property for the value to go up rather than develop this site, then local residents can actually put in place a barring order if this site goes up for auction. This has happened all over the country and the local residents can actually club together and buy the property for their own community use. A great example is a local pub that went up for auction and they saved it and now are all shareholders and get paid out in dividends in the form of pints. Now I don’t know if that is what the locals of Lower Ash road would want but I think it is a great idea and some food for thought.
    Rob Griffiths

  2. Thanks for this Rob. On checking, this property is not on any community asset register. These initiative have been broached with local residents before, but there doesnt seem to be anyone in the locality willing to put any funds towards this property. This is not surprising considering this part of the ward has high levels of social deprivation and the property in question needs completely renovating. I have now been informed that action will soon be taken and the property is due to go up for auction at the end of December. Hopefully this will mean new development and more homes for local people.
    Many thanks,

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