Butt Lane L.A.P

Butt Lane and Talke LAP

Newcastle Partnership brings together different parts of the public sector as well as the private, business, community and voluntary sectors to support each other and work together to improve the quality of life for local people and communities.

Newcastle Partnership sets the strategic vision for the area, however for the process to work effectively it needs to be informed by feedback from the communities it serves. The vision for Newcastle Partnership is to shape a local identity with strong, safe and attractive communities and to create a thriving economy offering opportunity for all.

This website aims to provide local people, communities, businesses and organisations with important information about the progress that the partnership has made. By giving regular feedback the partnership hopes to encourage new partners and members of the community to get involved in the journey to achieve the shared vision for the borough.

Newcastle Partnership offers a new way for people to get involved in making the decisions which will affect their communities through Locality Action Partnerships.  For more information please contact Irene Lee on 01782 742569 or e-mail: Irene.lee@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk.  You can also contact the LAP Chairman Councillor Kyle Robinson – email: kyle.robinson@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk.


Taking direct action to solve local problems!  Picture of Banbury Street.

St Saviours Street Butt Lane

St Saviours Street Butt Lane – Hedges cleared.

Bus Stop Replaced - First Avenue

Bus Stops Replaced – First Avenue

Hedges on First Avenue

Hedges on First Avenue adjoining the Avenue cut back.


Street sign repairs across the local area. 


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