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Could 20’s Plenty work for Butt Lane?

20's plenty

Could 20’s Plenty work for Butt Lane and Clough Hall.

I am currently working with residents to slow down traffic in the Butt Lane and Clough hall areas.  More recently a national campaign known as 20’s plenty is becoming rather popular in some communities.  I have now met with County Councillor John Taylor to look at bringing this initiative to some of our residential areas.  Speeding traffic and congestion has become an ever increasing problem in the area and we must look at all possible solutions to keep our roads safe.

I am also encouraged by the recent reports that 20’s plenty campaign is being recognised by health leaders.  They are increasingly identifying wide-area 20mph limits as key for liveability and health equality.  Speed reduction tackles risk, inactivity, obesity, isolation & is child, disabaility, elderly and dementia friendly.

The Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health & National Children’s Bureau advocate Total 20 in built up areas. Their Why Children Die research, led by Dr Ingrid Wolfe found around 2,000 additional children per year– 5 a day – die in the UK compared to Sweden. Over three quarters of injury deaths in 10-18 year olds are due to traffic incidents. Reducing the national speed limit in built up areas to 20mph is a key recommendation for child protection to cut the source of daily road risk. More than 80% of child road casualties occur on 30mph limited streets.

As well as these direct safety gains, 20 mph limits promote health & wellbeing in many other ways:

  • By encouraging a shift to walking & which reduces obesity & heart disease
  • Lower emissions promote healthier lungs
  • Increased mobility for children & the disabled, elderly or dementia sufferers delivers gains in health & self esteem
  • Better inclusion & access to society for non-car owners & greater equality for the poor
  • Up to 50% reduction in noise from road traffic
  • Less congestion from ‘school run’ & other trips as people choose to move from car-based journey to more active ones by walking & cycling.
  • Increased social cohesion & less loneliness as people talk to each other far more on less traffic dominated streets.

I have now set up a poll and would like people to give me their views by taking part.  Feel free to leave a comment.