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A Butt Lane Christmas Cracker


The Butt Lane Community centre this afternoon held its pensioners light lunch Christmas special. Over 40 pensioners tucked into winter vegetable soup, festive sandwiches, mince pies and coffee whilst listening to Christmassy music and playing bingo.  The Management Committee at the community centre are doing their best to reach out to the community to open the doors to everyone young and old.

Butt_Lane_Community_Centre_Councillor_Kyle_RobinsonSylvia Dymond, a member of the management committee said: “Here at the centre we strive to offer the community a really good service but we always make sure there is an element of fun in everything we do. We welcome the support of community groups, organisations and councillors. Working together we can continue to offer fantastic events in the community for the benefit of every single person. No Christmas present would make me happier than seeing all these smiles.”

Butt_Lane_Community_Centre_Kyle_RobinsonThanks go to Councillor David Allport for doing such a fantastic job in the Kitchen and serving up this special treat. The Pensioners light lunch events will be continuing in the New Year and I will publish details of dates and times very soon. Thanks also to Jo and Elliot Ashton.

Many thanks

Cllr Kyle Robinson

A weekend of Kidsgrove Christmas


Cllr Kyle Robinson with the winners of the evening. The young people of Kidsgrove had so much talent and performed like real stars.

This weekend has been a magical one with lots going on in the world of Kidsgrove.  Friday night I was invited to present awards to The Performance Studio Dance Group.  Children from Kidsgrove and Stoke performed at Goldenhill Working Men’s Club.  A lot of the dancing including hip hop was truly magnificent and the talent that shone from the dance floor took my breath away.  Many parents came and spoke to me about how impressed they were with the dance group and how they felt groups like this had given their children more confidence to be who they are.  I even got the chance to do Gangham Style with the kids showing me the moves!

Caroline Sherratt, the group organiser said: “Tonight has gone really well and as you can see the babies and young people are so happy to be taking part.  I am really proud of what they have all achieved and we hope to continue for years to come”.


Deputy Mayor Kyle Robinson picks out lucky winner Wayne Buttery.

Saturday Morning was another busy start with Wakefield and Giles Raffle draw.  The estate agents based in Kidsgrove Town Centre were offering customers a chance to win £2000 in legal fees cover.  I was asked to draw the name from the tombola and the winner was Mr Wayne Buttery of Newchapel Road.  Mr Buttery was so pleased that he and his family would get this early Christmas present.  I applaud Wakefield and Giles for putting on this fantastic competition for local people to take part in.  This is local business working with the community and it would be good to see more Kidsgrove businesses offering similar incentives.


Santa aka John Light raising money in Kidsgrove Town Centre for the Rotary Club charities.

On my weekend travels around Kidsgrove it was good to see Santa Clause aka John Light in Kidsgrove Town Centre raising money for the Rotary club.  Every year the Rotary club send Santa and volunteers around our local streets to collect money for worthy causes and charities.  Kidsgrove residents are always very generous and give huge sums each year.

And finally on Saturday afternoon I attended a service of remembrance at St Mark’s Church as part of Staffordshire Sands Charity.  I was really touched by the service and it was moving to see parents who have lost their babies to have the chance to remember them and light a candle.

‘An Angel Opened The Book Of Life To Record A Baby’s Birth And Whispered As She Closed The Book, Too Beautiful For Earth’

Christmas is always special in Kidsgrove no matter how unfortunate our circumstances.

Councillors Fight for Butt Lane Christmas Lighting


The Butt Lane Christmas Tree is soon to be put right with much improved festive lighting.

It all started last week when the Butt Lane Christmas Tree was put in its usual place by the display boards on Congleton road.  Contractors hired by Newcastle Borough Council put the Tree in place along with a set of lights.  The lights can only be described as wholly inadequate and attracted a lot of negative attention and complaints from local residents.  Local Councillors including myself, Elsie Bates (cabinet member for culture), John Taylor and Sylvia Dymond intervened.  We all protested that the original Christmas lights which incidentally had been donated by John Taylor whilst serving as a County Councillor be returned to their rightful place (on the Butt Lane Christmas tree).  After contacting Newcastle Borough Council and working with very helpful officers we have managed to arrange for the contractors to install better lights fit for the Butt Lane tree.  This will be completed within the next few days.  I would like to take this opportunity in thanking all those involved for securing a positive outcome for this problem.


Councillor Elsie Bates, Cabinet member for culture at Newcastle Borough Council.

Following on from this I have called for a review of Kidsgrove’s lights and believe we as a town can do much better to light up the Christmas period.  Many people say Alsager put us to shame but we must remember that a lot of Alsager’s investment has come from the Round Table, Town Centre Partnership and Chamber of Trade.  Over the next few years Kidsgrove Town Council, Newcastle Borough Council and soon to be appointed Town Centre manager plan to work together with local business and other agencies to set up our own Town Centre partnership with the aim of improving all aspects of Kidsgrove Town Centre.  This includes the improvement of events and Christmas lighting in our town centre and in the centre of Butt Lane.