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Woodshutts Street Residents want one way


Woodshutts Street

This picture shows Woodshutts Street on an average day.

The results are in and residents of Woodshutts Street have voted overwhelmingly for their road to be made one way. A whopping 65% said they would be happy for the street to be made one way as soon as possible. Residents also added comments and wrote letters to offer more ideas on how to tackle parking, congestion and speeding.

Another 21% of those surveyed felt Woodshutts Street should be blocked off altogether. Many residents added comments saying it would be better to place concrete bollards at the end of the terraced houses just after the turning into Woodlands Avenue giving plenty of room for vehicle manoeuvre.

9% of residents called for permit parking. Although this was not an option on the survey I felt it needed adding to the results as 3 residents asked for this to be included as a possibility.

Finally 3% which equals to 1 resident asked that I (Councillors) do nothing. Many responded in their comments that doing nothing was absolutely not an option.

Woodshutts Street Survey Results

Results of survey: 21 Residents voted for one way, 7 residents voted for the street to be blocked off, 3 residents asked for permit parking and 1 resident asked for the council to do nothing and ignore the problems.

I think it would be fair to say I have been rather brave to take on this issue that many of those before me have tended to shy away from to avoid upsetting residents and local business.  In my opinion this has to be tackled sooner rather than later because I am concerned there could be fatalities on this stretch of road if we carry on with the way things are.  As many residents have pointed out, they have pushed for years for all sorts of different ways to reduce traffic but nothing ever seems to move forward.  On a regular basis vehicles are damaged and even written off because of collisions in the terraced part of Woodshutts Street. 

I would like to bring your attention to a plan that a resident has provided me with.  The gentleman is one of the residents calling for the blocking of Woodshutts Street but at a different point than previously suggested in the survey.  His idea does make sense but might not suit everyone.  Here is the plan below:

Woodshutts Street Block off Plan

As you can see from the plan this could be a possibility.

If this option was to be considered 90% of residents would need to agree with little opposition because Staffordshire Highways Authority have to go with a large majority view.  Under this plan Cul-De-Sac signs would be erected at the entrance of Woodshutts street from Congleton road. 

This will provide access to Woodlands Avenue/Pickwick place and also allow the terraced house dwellers to turn their cars around as this road is wider at this point as you can see on the sketch above. 

The traffic entering Woodshutts Street from Cedar Avenue would have two turning places, the bollards halfway up Woodshutts Street and Milstone Avenue.  This should suffice for residents in this area. 

So what happens next?

I would like to produce the one way proposals and the above plan to residents in another newsletter and a door knocking session.  This will take place in the new year, preferably the end of January.  Following this there will be a public meeting and I will be hoping residents attend to air their views.  As you can imagine this is a very difficult piece of case work for me and other Butt Lane Councillors so we want to reach a solution that suits the majority of residents.  I will ensure a Highways officer from Staffordshire County Council attends the meeting and also members of the joint parking committee at Newcastle Borough Council.  It would also help to involve Staffordshire Police who might be able to give us some supporting evidence for the proposals above so I shall invite PCSO Colin Stepney. 

Many thanks

Councillor Kyle Robinson