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Easter Bunny at Acres Nook


Kyle and Doris having a good laugh at Acres Nook Care Home in Kidsgrove.  Doris was very pleased to receive her Cadburys Chocolate Egg.

On Wednesday 27th March I visited Acres Nook Care home in Kidsgrove.  The residents had invited me to join them at their Easter party.  There was a wide variety of colourful Easter eggs to hand out to everybody.  Those who couldn’t leave their rooms due to ill-health and frailty had a surprise visit from me and I made sure nobody was left out.

The Easter Bonnet competition judged by myself was not an easy decision.  The residents had made some splendid hats with little fuzzy chicks and bunnies to giant paper flowers.  1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were handed out to the winners who all received something extra special.  I would like to thank the community co-ordinator Barbara and the rest of the staff for all of their hard work.  When I visit Acres Nook I am always impressed with the professional staff who tend to the residents every need.  I made a £50 donation to the community fund because I know this money will be spent well to provide more events for the residents.  Keep up the good work folks!

These visits always make me think how lucky some of us are not to be suffering from illness and disease.  Even though these people have been dealt a bad card in life they make the most of what they’ve got and carry on regardless.  Some are just elderly people and continue to live active lifestyles at Acres Nook.

Many thanks