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Shock as local pets poisoned

Kyle Robinson's family cat.

Kyle Robinson’s family cat, Marshall.

Local residents of Talke, Butt Lane, Clough Hall and Kidsgrove are up in arms after a string of cat poisonings. Over the last few weeks pet owners have been left bereaved and upset after discovering their pets have been killed with anti-freeze. It has been known for some people to put anti-freeze into milk and cat food to lure pets in. This leads to a slow and painful death and there is not much a vet can do other than put the animal down if left too long.

Now residents are calling for action and want the Police and Councillors to be vigilant and tackle this problem head on.

Karen Capper , local Talke resident said: “it seems there’s a deliberate number of anti freeze poisonings especially in gardens at this time of year. It’s cruel and disgusting. People must report this if they know someone is doing this on purpose.

“Poisonous Slug pellets can be a problem and of course perfectly legal to use by gardeners. The grit used in the winter months is also deadly to household pets. A quick tip is to make sure you check your pet’s paws when they have been outside and give them a quick clean.”

The local RSPCA have dealt with similar complaints before. Back in June 2012 Julie Lyons, an inspector from the RSPCA, told the local Sentinel: “We ask pet owners to be vigilant and report anything suspicious.

“We also want to urge cat owners to seek immediate veterinary attention for their pet if they come home unwell. If a cat does ingest a chemical substance the quicker they are treated by a vet, the better their chance of survival.”


Kyle’s other family cat, Tiggy.

Town Mayor, Cllr Kyle Robinson said: “People who do this to other peoples pets should be ashamed of themselves. I was brought up with pets at home and they become part of your family. To some people losing a cat or a dog is like losing a member of the family and it causes a lot of bereavement and sometimes depression. People who are purposely leaving anti freeze in cat milk and food should think about the consequences of their actions.

“Following on from requests by the local community I will do my best to raise awareness of this problem. I can remember my auntie’s cat Merlin being shot by a pellet gun some years ago and it was horrible to see the family pet suffer. People need to be aware of animal cruelty and report it to the police and RSPCA. I ask residents to keep me informed of the problem and I will continue to raise this issue at community meetings. Animal cruelty must be stamped out.”