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Could 20’s Plenty work for Butt Lane?

20's plenty

Could 20’s Plenty work for Butt Lane and Clough Hall.

I am currently working with residents to slow down traffic in the Butt Lane and Clough hall areas.  More recently a national campaign known as 20’s plenty is becoming rather popular in some communities.  I have now met with County Councillor John Taylor to look at bringing this initiative to some of our residential areas.  Speeding traffic and congestion has become an ever increasing problem in the area and we must look at all possible solutions to keep our roads safe.

I am also encouraged by the recent reports that 20’s plenty campaign is being recognised by health leaders.  They are increasingly identifying wide-area 20mph limits as key for liveability and health equality.  Speed reduction tackles risk, inactivity, obesity, isolation & is child, disabaility, elderly and dementia friendly.

The Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health & National Children’s Bureau advocate Total 20 in built up areas. Their Why Children Die research, led by Dr Ingrid Wolfe found around 2,000 additional children per year– 5 a day – die in the UK compared to Sweden. Over three quarters of injury deaths in 10-18 year olds are due to traffic incidents. Reducing the national speed limit in built up areas to 20mph is a key recommendation for child protection to cut the source of daily road risk. More than 80% of child road casualties occur on 30mph limited streets.

As well as these direct safety gains, 20 mph limits promote health & wellbeing in many other ways:

  • By encouraging a shift to walking & which reduces obesity & heart disease
  • Lower emissions promote healthier lungs
  • Increased mobility for children & the disabled, elderly or dementia sufferers delivers gains in health & self esteem
  • Better inclusion & access to society for non-car owners & greater equality for the poor
  • Up to 50% reduction in noise from road traffic
  • Less congestion from ‘school run’ & other trips as people choose to move from car-based journey to more active ones by walking & cycling.
  • Increased social cohesion & less loneliness as people talk to each other far more on less traffic dominated streets.

I have now set up a poll and would like people to give me their views by taking part.  Feel free to leave a comment.

Talke Pits Potholes Causing Chaos

Councillor David Allport

Action: Cllr David Allport

Councillors in Talke are calling for immediate repairs to be made to roads in Talke.  Oak Tree Lane/Pitt Lane in Talke Pits has fallen into a state of disrepair and requires urgent works.  Surrounding roads were addressed and resurfaced last year thanks to action taken by the County Councillor for Talke and Red Street, John Taylor.  Unfortunately the County Council did not repair the entrance to Oak Tree Lane.  The potholes have been present for well over 18 months and are now extremely dangerous.

Labour Councillor David Allport said: “A small pothole has now become a crater because Staffordshire County Council has failed to take action.  The pothole issue in Pitt Lane and Oak Tree Lane has been reported several times before, but we are yet to see any remedial works.  Cllr Stubbs and I want to see some swift action.  This road is busy as people use it to access Freeport Shopping Centre and the Arbour Farm.  Drivers have to swerve to avoid causing damage to their vehicles.  We have now reported this issue again and hope to have a response very soon.”

A spokesperson for Freeport Shopping Centre said: “We have received complaints from customers and delivery vehicles experiencing problems on the approach to this site.  We are surrounded by businesses requiring access with large vehicles, for example The Range, B&Q and Ash Road Markings to name but a few. We have also negotiated a bus service to the centre via First Bus Group and hope to increase and introduce further services and routes later this year.

“Last year we invested in roundabout sponsorships with the Borough Council and worked with Street Scene for landscaping works to bring awareness and improve the site. Both have been extremely helpful and it’s great to work in partnership.”

Labour Councillors have launched the local pothole patrol initiative and invite you to contact them with any complaints.

Staffordshire County Councillor, John Taylor: 01782 786227
Newcastle Borough Councillor, David Allport: 07870650248
Newcastle Borough Councillor, Mike Stubbs: 07500 091504

Threat to Kidsgrove Day Care Services

On Thursday 17th October as Town mayor I called a public meeting to ask more questions about Staffordshire County Councils consultation on Day Care Services.  Kidsgrove currently has its own Day Care Centre for adults with physical and learning disabilities.  Cllr Robbie Marshall who is Cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing attended the public meeting and answered most questions put to him.  County Councillor John Taylor, Joan Walley MP and respresentatives of carers and service users were also in attendance.  Click the link for the minutes: MINUTES PUBLIC MEETING Kidsgrove Day Care Services


The Bishop of Stafford, Geoff Annas has also made a visit to the Day Care Centre in recent weeks to look into services currently being provided by the County Council. 

Geoff said: “It was a great pleasure to visit the Kidsgrove Day Care Centre and meet such enthusiastic and dedicated Staff and those using the many services that they offer.   The Staff have a clear understanding of the needs of the Service Users and their Carers and this is based on many years of experience.  The atmosphere was really positive with much laughter and obvious enjoyment of the music and dancing and art activities that were taking place. This Centre is well-equipped and spacious and has the potential to offer support to even more people and their Carers.  I think it would be a great loss to the Community if the Centre was closed or even down-scaled and I would urge Staffordshire County Council to support local Residents by voting for their preferred choice of Option One from the Consultation Paper.  We have a clear responsibility to care for the disadvantaged and especially those who find it difficult to voice their own opinions.  Charities, community groups, private companies and independent providers should supplement rather than replace Local Authority Provision.  I would also urge the County Council to investigate why more Carers are not accessing the help offered by this excellent Day Care Centre.”