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Last Orders for The Woodshutts Pub


Joan Walley MP and local councillors celebrate victory over the demolition of The Woodshutts Pub.

The Woodshutts pub in the Butt Lane ward will be demolished and be replaced by homes with development expected to start in 2015.  Aspire Housing have finally completed the purchase of the site after months of negotiations.  Councillors have campaigned for years to bring the site to the attention of Aspire following complaints from residents.  Anti-Social behaviour got that bad at one point the UK Home Office drew up a report to make the case for demolition.  What was once a very popular estate pub has become an eyesore targeted by thieves, Arsonists and vandalism.

The Butt Lane Locality Action Partnership have worked with Joan Walley MP, Councillors, Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and others to secure demolition.  The purchase of the site by Aspire will begin a new chapter for the Butt Lane and Kidsgrove area.  We are in desperate need of some decent social housing in the area and this new development will be welcomed with open arms.

I shall be opening a bottle of Champagne this evening!  This has been a very long struggle and as a local Councillor I am feeling rather relieved.  Well done to all involved.


Cllr Kyle Robinson regularly litter picking The Woodshutts Pub Site in Butt Lane.

Aspire ‘interested’ in Woodshutts Pub site

(Article updated as of Wednesday 13th March.  Aspire has confirmed that they are in negotiations to purchase the site but a sale has not yet taken place.  This means that the Woodshutts has NOT yet been purchased but Aspire is working to acquire the site for the right price.  An email that the Locality Action Partnership had received had not been confirmed by Aspire head office and may have been misinterpreted.  As soon as any up to date information is received this site will report it.  Information about a possible sale was released in good faith and we apologise for any misinformation given.)

Since I was elected to represent the Butt Lane ward in 2010 I vowed to get the Woodshutts Pub demolished so that the site could be developed for social housing.  Years of campaigning, intense negotiations, meetings and emails might be paying off.  Working with Joan Walley MP, Staffordshire Police & Home Office, Staffordshire Fire Service, The Sentinel and local organisations we have finally been successful in convincing Aspire this is a good location for a new development.  Not only that, we have made a considerable effort to keep the site safe and constantly reported problems to the relevant authorities.


Cllr Kyle Robinson and residents in June 2012.

Councillors and volunteers helped out with litter picks and clean up days to keep the site as tidy as possible.  The rotting pub currently brings down the area and encourages Anti-Social behaviour so this burden will disappear and free up Police time for other areas.

As of 11th February Aspire made public they were looking to acquire the pub and site.  There is not yet any deal but the future is looking bright.  So whilst we wait for further news local Councillors are going to ensure the site is continually monitored by the relevant authorities to ensure maximum safety for local people.


Aspire is making a difference.

I would personally like to thank Aspire for listening to us and working with us to get a solution.  The actions of the social housing provider prove that they do care about our community and want to help us tackle deprivation in the locality.  It shows that when people work together we can and will make Kidsgrove and Butt Lane a better place to live.  Hopefully we can look to a future of Aspire developing 1 and 2 bedroom properties to tackle the unfair Bedroom Tax.

Many thanks, Councillor Kyle Robinson