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Town Rallies to back Garden Scheme

Kidsgrove Community Garden Scheme Kyle Robinson

Kidsgrove Tesco Community Champion Rich Evans and Store Manager Mike Fleming present a new mower to Matthew Ford and Cllr Kyle Robinson for the Kidsgrove Community Gardening Scheme.

Have you heard about the Kidsgrove Community Garden Scheme?  Are you struggling to maintain your garden?  Do you need help with cutting your lawns? If the answer is yes then you may benefit from a new scheme for the elderly and disable people of Kidsgrove, providing low cost, basic gardening.  All the work is carried out by volunteers and does not aim to compete with established gardening businesses.

To qualify you need to live in one of the five wards of Kidsgrove, own or privately rent your property and have no on to do your gardening for you.

Many elderly people are targeted by bogus callers due to the overgrown state of their gardens.  The aim of the scheme is to try and deter bogus callers and to encourage independent living.

Organiser and Father Hudson representative, Matt Ford said:

“This scheme will ensure that the elderly and disabled in the community can get access to a gardening scheme at very little cost.  All our volunteers are vetted before they can start to work at any property.  We are trying to ensure that people can recognise our Community Garden Scheme and feel safe enough to accept our help.  We are a not for profit organisation just trying to do our bit for Kidsgrove.  We would like to thank Rich Evans and Kidsgrove Tesco for donating lawn mowers to our cause.”

The scheme has received wide public support and the backing of local Councillors.  Butt Lane Councillor, Kyle Robinson said:

“I completely support Matthew Ford and the Father Hudson society for putting together a well needed service.  Government cuts have led to the loss of the local handyman service that many elderly and vulnerable people relied on.  I also think it’s great that the service isn’t just for people on benefits as far too often this cancels people out.  The need is out there and I regularly come across residents needing all kinds of support in their home.  I have now set up a system with Matt so that I can refer people in my ward to access the service efficiently.  This scheme will be a huge success and I was pleased to support it from the start.  It shows what can be achieved when communities pull together.”

If you would like more information or help with your garden please contact Matthew Ford, Father Hudson’s Society Development Officer on: 07587034299. 

Revealed: Coalition Council Attacked Elderly and Disabled

Kidsgrove_Disabled_Elderly_PeopleThe Labour Party reveals how the local Conservatives and Liberal Democrats chose to cut funding for facilities grants to help the old and disabled stay in their own homes – despite being given the EXTRA CASH.

Kidsgrove and Newcastle Labour Councillors have uncovered the shocking truth of how the uncaring Tories and Lib Dems took money destined to help older and disabled people stay in their homes and used it to fund their unsustainable spending spree.  Newcastle Borough Council has a duty of care to ensure that local people who need small modifications to their home in order to make it suitable in older age or because of a disability get the help they need.

Before May 2012 the Tories and Lib Dems controlled Newcastle Borough Council and under their administration this money was being cut.  This is despite the fact that extra monies and funding was being offered by the Labour Government up until 2010 because needs in the Borough was so high.  The callous approach left many vulnerable people waiting as long as six months for the changes to their homes that they desperately needed.

As Councillor for Butt Lane over the last few years it has been extremely difficult to secure hand rails, ramps and walk in showers for the elderly and disabled.  We now know why funding was so tight and I am so angry that the weak and needy in society were the first people the last administration targetted so that vanity projects could go ahead.

Since Labour gained control in May 2012 the new administration took urgent action to clean up the chaos left by the previous regime.  We are now making sure that older and disabled residents are able to get the support from the council that they deserve.  Just like the Westminster coalition now, the decisions made by the Tories and Lib Dems punish those most in need.

Cllr Kyle Robinson