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Mr Mayor, help us save the planet!

Dove Bank Primary School

Students ask for help!

Students of Dove Bank Primary school have written to me as Town Mayor to ask if I will share their hints and tips on energy saving and recycling. I was very impressed with their wonderful letters that really show young people care about the environment and the effects of our carbon footprint.

From switching off the lights to not charging your phone too much, every little helps.  I have decided to publish the letters on my website for everyone’s benefit.  I have also agreed to display the letters at Kidsgrove Town hall for the benefit of visitors.

In my response to the students of Year 4, I have invited the whole class to a reception at Kidsgrove Town Hall to further discuss energy saving and recycling.  The students have made me question; what exactly do we do in Kidsgrove to be more eco-friendly?

(Click letters to enlarge)

The BIG Kidsgrove Coffee Morning

Ruth Parsons Coffee Morning.

Ruth Parsons holds a fantastic coffee morning is aid of macmillan cancer support.

Fundraisers, volunteers and the people of Kidsgrove have been busy raising lots of money for charity today.  The Macmillan Cancer support event is held in the UK each year raising thousands of pounds for the charity to support people in need. 

Firstly I visited Linda Blunt at her home.  She baked hundreds of cakes and treats for friends, family and passersby and opened her home for the day.  Linda who works at the local Tesco is well known for her charity work and always makes a real difference to people’s lives.  Keep those cakes baking Linda and we will keep coming back!  I am hoping to have Linda officially recognised in the near future for her dedication to charity work. 

Linda Blunts Coffee Morning

Kyle, Linda Blunt and Amaya enjoying tea and cake for a good cause.

After my first visit feeling rather full, my next stop was the Parson’s family home.  I was faced with even more glorious baking and cakes were bursting out of the room.  After having a good catch up with John and Janet I had ago of guess the amount of coffee beans in the jar.  One thing I would like to say is how proud I am of Ruth.  Ruth Parsons was diagnosed with Leukaemia this year but instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for herself she’s taken the bull by its horns and raised hundreds of pounds for charity.  What an inspiration she really is doing so much for a good cause.  Best wishes, Kyle Robinson.