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Thank you

Butt Lane Election Results 2014

Butt Lane Election Results 2014

I am writing to thank everyone for their support over the last few months to re-elect me for the Butt Lane ward.  I wanted to carry on in my work as a Councillor and I have enjoyed fighting to gain a second term.  Every single vote made all the difference.  The Kidsgrove Labour Team and Stoke North CLP helped me knock on over 2000 doors and we spoke to hundreds of residents.  I was overwhelmed by the support I received and it was very humbling to receive over 55% of the vote.

Usually I like to thank the other parties for campaigning on local issues.  Unfortunately local UKIP ran a very dirty campaign full of personal attacks and lies.  I don’t like gutter snipe politics and neither does the general public.  Instead, people would like to hear what the candidates are going to do for the local area.  Some leaflets given out by local UKIP claimed immigrants are given advice not to defecate in the streets and claims Sheffield City Council gave out this advice is libellous.  This is the politics of fear attempting to frighten people into voting for a party on one issue, immigration.  All mainstream parties need to listen to what the general public are saying about immigration, but lets not be rash.  Lets have a proper debate on this issue with all facts and figures presented to us.  Let us remind ourselves that a local Councillor cannot stop immigration and never will.

I won this campaign on a banner of hope for our community, not an agenda of fear.  In Butt Lane and Clough Hall we are facing increasing pressure from luxury housing developers, failing to provide us with affordable housing for our young people.  We must ensure social housing and smaller properties are a large percentage of those newly built estates by using planning policy.  Whilst I recognise the need for housing, we should always look to protect our green spaces for our future generations.  I recognise that the land off Slacken Lane and Coalpit Hill continues to be seen as the green lungs of Butt Lane.  If we stand together as a community we can make sure positive changes are made to protect things that are important to us, but also deliver things that we need.  So in a few weeks time I enter the chamber to represent you and I will do my best as always.

Thank you!

Vote Local, Vote Robinson Today


Vote for a dedicated Councillor, Vote Kyle Robinson.

I want to remind you that today is polling day and I am the Butt Lane and Clough Hall candidate.  I need you to spare some time out of your day to go out and vote for me. Over the last 4 years I have stood up for the people of Butt Lane, Talke, Clough Hall and Kidsgrove. I have fought on the issues that matter most to local people. I have cared about my community and worked hard for you. I want to carry on serving you and I want to continue to make a difference. Please get your family and friends out, speak to your neighbours and spread the word. Every single vote will count as this election could be a close call. Polls are open 7am-10pm all day and you dont need your polling card to vote.  If you need a lift to the polling station, call 07837905443.  Thank you for everything and all of your support.

Kyle Robinson

My promise to YOU


Please Vote Robinson on Thursday 22nd May.

Dear Resident,

My name is Kyle Robinson and I have had the honour of serving as the Butt Lane and Clough Hall Councillor for the last 4 years. I am standing for re-election and I am asking for your support on May 22nd.

I have lived in Kidsgrove and Butt Lane all of my life and I am proud to call this town my home. During some of my school years I attended Clough Hall Technology School and I now also work at the school as a finance assistant.

Since becoming a Councillor I have been able to fight for residents young and old in the community. Some of my biggest achievements include the demolition of the old Woodshutts pub to create affordable housing, the protection of green spaces from greedy developers and successfully obtaining government funding with Joan Walley MP for a disabled friendly bridge at Kidsgrove Railway Station due to be installed between 2016-19.

More recently, I challenged Tory controlled Staffordshire County Council on their proposals to shut down youth clubs and make youth workers redundant. I have led the fight in our area to obtain £50,000 to save our local youth service as this will ensure our young people have somewhere to feel safe in the evenings and not on our streets. I like to remind Councillors and decision makers that young people are our future.

For the last four years I have chaired the Butt Lane Locality Action Partnership. The group works with the local police, health services and other partners to reduce anti-social behaviour in Butt Lane, Clough Hall and Kidsgrove. We continue to work with Staffordshire Police to improve the Police presence in our area.

For the last 3 years I have served as Kidsgrove Mayor and Deputy. This has included the day to day running of Kidsgrove Town Council, delivering a council tax freeze for a fifth year in a row. I have also helped to raise over £15,000 for charities including the Motor Neurone Disease Association, The Alzheimer’s Society, Staffordshire SANDS, Douglas Macmillan Hospice and many other localised charities.

I have always had a strong belief that we should always give something back in life and I want to carry on representing you in the most dedicated fashion. I am not seeking a second term to do small things.

As the local candidate, I know some of the main issues affecting the area include dog fouling, litter, speeding traffic, parking and the cost of living. As your Labour Councillor, I will continue to fight Government cuts whilst solving these issues for all of us.

You can help by voting Robinson on Thursday 22nd May. Please use your vote for Labour.

Thank you,

Kyle Robinson
Butt Lane and Clough Hall’s Labour candidate


Cllr Kyle Robinson at Kidsgrove Railway Station with European Candidates Olwen Hamer, Sion Simon and Neena Gill.