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Neglected Crash Barriers Put Residents at Risk

Councillor Kyle Robinson inspects damaged and broken crash barriers on Congleton Road, Butt Lane.

Councillor Kyle Robinson inspects damaged and broken crash barriers on Congleton Road, Butt Lane.

Councillor Kyle Robinson is calling on Staffordshire County Council Highways department to fix damaged crash barriers in the Butt Lane ward located on Congleton Road and Fourth Avenue.  Some of the damaged barriers were reported months ago and have yet to be fixed.  Highways officers also highlighted in an email that repairing the barriers were not a priority in certain locations, even at a school entrance.  There have been several accidents at both locations in recent months and residents are furious that the Council is failing to take their concerns seriously.  The crash barriers were put in place to protect pedestrians walking past busy junctions which are also known to be crash hot spots.

Kyle said: “I reported the damaged barriers outside of the school entrance on Fourth Avenue nearly 12 months ago and the County Council has still done nothing to repair them.  I am particularly concerned that damaged barriers at a school entrance are not seen as a priority.  Well over 400 school children use Fourth Avenue each morning to access The Kings School.  I think the safety of our kids should always be a top priority and I call on Staffordshire County Council to get their act together and fix these barriers as a matter of urgency.  The regularly damaged barriers on the Congleton Road Junction with Cedar Avenue is further evidence that this particular stretch of road is dangerous and a thorough traffic survey is required.”

Local resident, Helen Chadwick said: “The barriers were installed to protect people walking past busy junctions.  The barriers on Fourth Avenue are near to a school entrance and I dread to think what could happen should a car hit the already damaged and weakened barriers.  The County Council should fix the problem without question or further delay.”

Crash barriers at both sites have been re-reported and reference numbers have been obtained.  Any updates received regarding future repairs will be published here for information.

Unity Way ‘Rat Run’ Alarming


Cllr Kyle Robinson is backing residents in their bid to stop drivers using Unity Way as a ‘rat run’.

Residents of Unity Way are calling for action to be taken by Staffordshire Highways regarding their access only road. Drivers have continually used Unity Way as a cut through from the A34, Newcastle Road to avoid Talke traffic lights and shorten the journey. This is having a detrimental impact on local residents and the speed of the traffic has increased to alarming levels in the last few years. The use of the road has also increased following a massive increase in housing developments off Congleton Road.

Local resident, Kelly D said: “My partner and I have seen the traffic on this road increase tenfold in the last few years. It is becoming a very dangerous road and is used as a rat run by some idiots. I have a small boy and I am worried it is only a matter of time before a child is killed on this road. Hollins Grange at the top of Unity way houses a lot of elderly and disabled people and it is just impossible for them to cross the road sometimes. We would like Staffordshire Highways to do something about this situation as a matter of urgency and the Police need to do more.”

Butt Lane Labour Councillors are now carrying out a survey to try and find a solution. In a letter to the residents of Unity Way, I wrote:

“Dear Residents of Unity Way, Covert Gardens and Fox Gardens

I am writing to you as your local Councillor to address your concerns with traffic and highways issues. We would all agree that Unity Way is still being used as a cut through by traffic coming off the A34. This is having a detrimental impact on local residents and pedestrians. The speed of the vehicles cutting through is alarming.

There is not going to be a quick fix to our problem but we must push for a solution. I can recall the meeting we had with Highways Officer, David Greatbatch and PCSO, Colin Stepney well over 12 months ago. Unfortunately I have not received any further information as to whether the County Council carried out a survey of the road or not. I don’t think the Police presence on this road is all that could be desired due to cutbacks. During the meeting, residents argued many different points of view and debated what the best course of action would be. We never reached a consensus and because of this, the County Council Highways Department will continue to side step our problems.

I would like to carry out a survey to find out what the majority of residents would like the Councillors to push for. As I am sure you can appreciate, it is difficult to please everyone, but we will try our best. Please understand that this survey is not commissioned by Highways and is purely for my own investigatory purposes. The outcome of this survey doesn’t necessarily mean we can implement our findings, but it will give us a much clearer aim.
I appreciate residents have waited many years for action and I am not one to give up.”


Map view of Unity Way.

Labour Councillors will now wait for residents to respond to the survey and the results will be published in a future article on this website. As the speed of the traffic needs addressing in the short term I have arranged for every property to also receive a 30MPH bin sticker. The Wheelie bin stickers initiative are used as part of a general awareness raising exercise to highlight to drivers that they are entering and travelling within a 20, 30 or 40 MPH residential area. The stickers are used along arterial residential routes where there have been a high number of casualties or where there is a perceived community concern regarding the speed of vehicles travelling through the area. It doesn’t solve our problems, but it helps and the initiative is hailed as a success in some areas.

If you are reading this article and you have used Unity Way as a cut through, please remember it is an offence. The ‘except for access’ signs are clearly marked and the Police will be doing more to fine people in the coming months. I wouldn’t want people using my street as a cut through and I suspect you wouldn’t either.

Thank you