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Local Councillors Secure £45K Footpath Upgrade

Butt Lane Councillors inspect footpath 216 before upgrade works begin.

Butt Lane Councillors inspect footpath 216 before upgrade works begin.

Local Labour councillors hail success after securing £45,000 to upgrade public footpath 216 in Butt Lane.  The footpath is accessed from West Avenue and runs behind the houses of Church Street, finally exiting onto Congleton Road adjacent to St. Saviours Primary School. The improvement works will be funded by a Public Right of Way contribution from Taylor Wimpey. Taylor Wimpey’s contribution was secured through a section 106 agreement with Newcastle Borough Council.

It is understood that the works will be completed by contractors appointed by Staffordshire County Council and not housing developer, Taylor Wimpey. The contractor will begin work on the surfacing of the footpath on Monday 16th January.  The path will be temporarily closed for the duration of the works. Residents are politely asked to use other routes until the works are completed.

Councillor Kyle Robinson said: “I welcome the news that this footpath will finally be brought up to a decent standard.  Back in 2013, Sylvia and I raised the alarm about the state the public footpath had been left in following the development of Bluebell Croft.  The footpath in question has been used for many years by local residents as a safer route to school and for recreational purposes.  I am pleased we have been listened to on this matter and finally this 106 agreement will deliver for local people.  It’s about time our local area gets the investment it deserves and we will fight for more.”

Councillor Sylvia Dymond added: “Many residents have been calling for an improvement to the footpath, including those that have moved onto the new estate.  Local people have endured two years of problems with fencing, building work and a muddy overgrown footpath so this news is well received.  At last we have a safer route for everyone to reach the local school, shops and to just enjoy a walk.”

Footpath 216 begins on West Avenue and leads all the way up to Congleton Road.

Footpath 216 begins on West Avenue and leads all the way up to Congleton Road.

Developer pushes to slash affordable Butt Lane homes

Taylor Wimpey Butt Lane Homes

New Taylor Wimpey Mitchell Gardens offices on West Avenue.

Taylor Wimpey has applied to reduce its affordable housing contribution from 25% to just 16% on its Mitchell Gardens development in Butt Lane. The developer has claimed that it’s controversial development of over 170 homes would not be financially viable if the company had to build the recommended quota of affordable homes. Residents have been left reeling after discovering the new plans submitted by Taylor Wimpey to Newcastle Borough Councils Planning Department two weeks ago.

Cllr Kyle Robinson said: “Taylor Wimpey have made a mockery of the residents in this town. Recent figures suggested that Taylor Wimpey’s order books for new homes is up 12 per cent from the same time last year to £1.9bn. This will equate to millions in profit for the company. How dare this company move into our Town, take up our green space and then plead poverty to wriggle out of its obligations to the people. The real victims of this scandal are the young families trying to get on the property ladder, but have no way of putting down a deposit on the majority of these luxury homes. There is a local and national affordable housing crisis and yet again the Government is letting developers walk all over communities. I strongly believe this latest move is a form of social cleansing in the making. If local land is to be developed for housing then local people should be given the opportunity to buy these homes at affordable rates.  I have asked Newcastle Borough Council to implement an independent review of Taylor Wimpey’s claims that the development is not viable with 25% affordable properties included.”

Newly elected Butt Lane Councillor, Sylvia Dymond said: “There have been concerns for years that Taylor Wimpey would try and pull the wool over the eyes of local residents. We now see their true colours. The people of Butt Lane have been forced to sacrifice a huge amount of green space used by local people for many recreational activities. One of the criteria for approval of planning permission was that 25% of the development was affordable housing.  We have accepted that housing is needed in the Borough and around the country, but this whole saga is a slap in the face for those locals looking to buy an affordable home on Mitchell Gardens. I don’t know how much more of this we can take as a community.”

You can object to the Taylor Wimpey proposals by using the reference 15/00441/DOAHR and visiting:


Elections – Butt Lane and Clough Hall

Sylvia Dymond Profile PicDear Resident,


My Name is Sylvia Dymond, I have lived in the Butt Lane ward for over 30 years.
I have been a member of the Labour party for over 3 years and a lifelong supporter of the Labour movement. I think it is really important that going forward we need to engage everyone in the community to have a say on local issues.

As a member of Kidsgrove Town Council and the current Deputy Mayor of Kidsgrove my duties include attending events and promoting Kidsgrove and its surrounding areas, helping to organise events and raise money for the Mayors charities.

I have been involved in many local campaigns working alongside local Borough and Town Councillors, door knocking, delivering leaflets and talking to local residents. I enjoy fighting for the things that matter most to us. Some of the local issues include joining the march from Kidsgrove to Newcastle to highlight the closure of our local Day Care Service, helped to inform local residents of the closure of our Youth Centres, distributed leaflets to invite local residents to public meetings to highlight local planning issues and attended the meetings co-ordinated by the local councillors.

I have spoken at planning meetings at Newcastle Borough Council, again putting forward local residents concerns over planning and highway issues. I would like to be given the opportunity to improve my local area and use whatever tools I am given as a Councillor to breathe new life back into Butt Lane. I have worked closely with Kyle Robinson and Silvia Burgess in my local area to bring improvements to our ward. During this time I have learnt you can have a positive impact on people’s lives by putting in the hard work. I firmly believe teamwork is the key to success and it’s always good to remember that on our own we can do things, but together we can transform the world in which we live.

I am hopeful that with my experience and involvement in Council and Community duties, I am a strong candidate for the position of Councillor.

Should you vote for me on May 7th, I pledge to give 110%. Please use your vote for Labour.

Thank you,

Sylvia Dymond

Kidsgrove Town Councillor

53 Church Street, Butt Lane, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 1NX

07904 569665 l

Butt Lane Labour Councillors

Only Labour Councillors put Butt Lane and Clough Hall first.

Published and promoted by Kyle robinson of 88 Newchapel Rd, Kidsgrove, ST7 4RT on behalf of Labour’s Sylvia Dymond.