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Save Kidsgrove Fire Station

Labour Councillors call for a rethink on Fire Station cut backs.

Labour councillors have today launched a campaign to save Kidsgrove Fire Station. Staffordshire Fire Authority has proposed to cut emergency response capabilities from the Kidsgrove Station. These plans have been revealed despite the huge increase in housing developments across the area. Residents are now fearing the worst and believe Kidsgrove needs it’s own dedicated Fire Station.  Some of the proposals mean that services could be stretched to the limit, sharing stations and staff with Cheshire.

This news has also come about following the Fire Authority’s decision to increase the Fire Service’s share of Council Tax by 1.95%.  A consultation day will be held on Wednesday 25th March, Kidsgrove Town Hall at 6pm.

Councillor Kyle Robinson said: “At a time when housing developments are on a massive increase across the Butt Lane area, I consider it is more important than ever to have our own operational Fire Station in the locality.  I am not convinced that our community will remain safe from serious incidents following the removal of emergency response capabilities and I would urge Staffordshire Fire Authority to think again.  I hope the consultation will be a genuine exercise and not a tick box scenario to close down yet another vital public service in Kidsgrove.  Put public safety before cuts.”

Town Councillor, Sylvia Dymond said: “It would be a shocking state of affairs if this station closed permanently.  The money spent to build these facilities cannot be returned following any closures.  When budgets are tight and community facilities are closing all across Staffordshire, we need to protect what we already have for local people.  I for one will not be letting this station close or see its services reduce without a fight.”

Local resident Julie Jukes said: “I am outraged that the managers of the fire service would even consider cutting back something as essential as this.  My neighbours are very worried and I will be backing this campaign.”

Dont Be Mucky Ducky

Dont be mucky

Councillors call for tough action on dog fouling.

Councillors have launched a new Locality Action Partnership campaign to tackle dog fouling in the Butt Lane and Clough Hall area. Dog mess is an eyesore and a health hazard and your Councillors are taking tough action.

Town Councillor Sylvia Dymond said: “I am a dog owner and I always pick up after my pets. The problem of dog fouling has increased dramatically in recent years, but it is now time for some action. I am throwing all my support behind this local campaign, ‘Don’t be mucky, clean it up ducky’. We have posters and stickers available to deter people from allowing their pets to foul outside your home or on the pavements in the area. Please contact us for more information.”

Kyle said: “Since becoming Chair of Public Protection I have pushed for more enforcement on those that refuse to pick up after their dogs. It is a crime and I urge the public to report the culprits to Newcastle Borough Council on 01782 717717. We have a hard line approach on this matter at the Council and we regularly prosecute offenders. Some fines have reached up to £1000. It is important to recognise that the majority of dog owners are sensible and do the right thing.”

Mucky Ducky Poster

Why not print the poster and place in your window or ask the local shop to put one up?  You can help us to tackle this issue.