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Butt Lane Park Revamp Success


A park in Butt Lane has been revamped by Councillors and volunteers.  Townfield Close Park has not been looking its best in recent years and the locals wanted to make a difference.  The project organised by Kidsgrove Town Councillors and Newcastle Borough Councillors has seen the area transformed.  Volunteers dug up weeds and removed overgrowth, varnished the park benches, painted the well used apparatus and put in a new flower bed to add some colour.  The park wardens have now offered to put weed killer down and cut the grass more regularly. 

Those involved have now got plans to hold a fun day in the park for the local residents and children to get involved in.  Councillors are also planning to have the park renamed and are hoping to volunteer more time to keep the park looking loved.  A big thank you to Kidsgrove Tesco for donating flowers for the new flower beds. 

Townfield Close Park set for colourful revamp

Townfield Close Park 2

The park is currently looking run down and is in need of updating.

Councillors and volunteers have teamed up to give a small local park in Butt Lane a new lease of life.  The park situated off Townfield Close is owned by Newcastle Borough Council.  The play equipment is looking tired and the protective flooring needs reaffixing in some areas.  It has also been identified that the park benches need updating and more seating should be provided.  Large amounts of overgrowth will also be removed to make way for new flower beds and an orchard.  A request has also been made for a new dog bin to help tackle dog fouling in the area.  The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust will also be invited to help create habitats for wildlife in the park grounds.

At a recent Butt Lane Locality Action partnership meeting the park was discussed and ideas were put forward.  Community Development Officer, Simon Long from Newcastle Borough Council discussed how the group could go forward with making improvements.  This included a discussion about community day that will take place on Friday 7th June.  The Butt Lane LAP agreed Townfield Close Park needed some work and are hoping to complete the project by summer 2013. 

Townfield Close Park 4

The park benches need replacing with better seating.

Butt Lane Councillor, Kyle Robinson said: “The Park is looking tired and rundown and needs some tender loving care to make it welcoming again.  I was brought up in this area and I have a special place in my heart for this facility as my grandparents used to bring me here to play on the apparatus when I was a toddler. 

“The Government is always pushing families to get active outdoors and this is a safe place for toddlers and young children to play.  I have recognised the park is within a residential area and Anti-Social behaviour has been a problem in the past.  That’s why I propose we bring the Police on board with this project to ensure a new and improved park comes with added security for its users and residents in the area.”

Townfield Close Park 1

The Park has plenty of space for flower beds and an orchard.

Town Councillor, Sylvia Dymond added: “This Park could be so much better by adding some colour and we can bring it back to its former glory.  We need to make our parks safe and friendly and I believe a project like this is just what we need in Butt Lane.”

It has been suggested that the park could be officially given its own name and re-opened at a future community event.  The project now has the backing of all three Borough Councillors John Taylor, Silvia Burgess and Kyle Robinson.  Town Councillors Sylvia Dymond and Elliot Ashton will also be pushing the project forward along with local resident Josephine Ashton and volunteers.