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Butt Lane Election Results 2014

Butt Lane Election Results 2014

I am writing to thank everyone for their support over the last few months to re-elect me for the Butt Lane ward.  I wanted to carry on in my work as a Councillor and I have enjoyed fighting to gain a second term.  Every single vote made all the difference.  The Kidsgrove Labour Team and Stoke North CLP helped me knock on over 2000 doors and we spoke to hundreds of residents.  I was overwhelmed by the support I received and it was very humbling to receive over 55% of the vote.

Usually I like to thank the other parties for campaigning on local issues.  Unfortunately local UKIP ran a very dirty campaign full of personal attacks and lies.  I don’t like gutter snipe politics and neither does the general public.  Instead, people would like to hear what the candidates are going to do for the local area.  Some leaflets given out by local UKIP claimed immigrants are given advice not to defecate in the streets and claims Sheffield City Council gave out this advice is libellous.  This is the politics of fear attempting to frighten people into voting for a party on one issue, immigration.  All mainstream parties need to listen to what the general public are saying about immigration, but lets not be rash.  Lets have a proper debate on this issue with all facts and figures presented to us.  Let us remind ourselves that a local Councillor cannot stop immigration and never will.

I won this campaign on a banner of hope for our community, not an agenda of fear.  In Butt Lane and Clough Hall we are facing increasing pressure from luxury housing developers, failing to provide us with affordable housing for our young people.  We must ensure social housing and smaller properties are a large percentage of those newly built estates by using planning policy.  Whilst I recognise the need for housing, we should always look to protect our green spaces for our future generations.  I recognise that the land off Slacken Lane and Coalpit Hill continues to be seen as the green lungs of Butt Lane.  If we stand together as a community we can make sure positive changes are made to protect things that are important to us, but also deliver things that we need.  So in a few weeks time I enter the chamber to represent you and I will do my best as always.

Thank you!

UKIP out of the closet on Homophobia!

Today I am writing about an issue that I very rarely bring up in my work as a local councillor because up until this point I have never felt the need to.  I have been reading some of the recent news reports about Homophobia in politics and how the UKIP party has begun to show its true colours regarding this subject.  As UKIP is fast becoming a more popular party due to the LibDem vote collapse it is constantly being thrust into the limelight.  But it is becoming more apparent that the core party membership and top knobs exclude members from positions within its party if they support equal rights or equal marriage.  To top it off one UKIP Councillor suggested all women pregnant with a disabled child should have an abortion.  Can I ask what year it is? Are we living in hitlers Germany where being different is a crime and for that your punishment would be death?  I thought we had defeated fascist Nazism! My opinion is that UKIP is a party full of hatred that does nothing but exclude people that think any differently. A party hell bent on a few ideals such as leaving Europe and nothing much else.  
This week it was revealed just days after it emerged that the chairman of the UKIP’s youth wing, Young Independence had been removed from office for supporting same-sex marriage, a UKIP Parliamentary candidate has been forced to resign by his party following his support for equal marriage. They told him that after writing about his support for gays to have the same rights as straight people, they could no longer campaign for him.
What an absolute disgraceful way to discriminate against people.  To be honest I cannot describe in words how this behaviour angers me.  As you can see from above the new generation of young people coming through school being more accepting and tolerant to others get the door shut in their face by UKIP. Is the party trying to reverse how far this country has come on accepting people for who they are?  Do they want young people to be depressed and often feel suicidal because they are made to hide who they really are? How god made them! 
What I think this backward fascist party need to think about is this.  If they want the people of this country to sit up and listen to what they have to say on our membership of the EU then they seriously need to look at how they behave as a party and how people perceive them. At the moment they look like right wing loons who target people who are different to make themselves feel better. 
I feel sorry for some members of the UKIP party who I am sure want to do a good job.  But if you have a different opinion you are marched out on the yard and shot like some criminal.  I thought Farage believed in freedom of speech? Obviously only when it suits him and you agree with everything his party says. 
My advice to the UKIP campaign team would be the party changes its ways or be left behind because Britain is a fairer and more equal country then ever before and there are plenty of people like me out there who are going to push to make it even better.  We aren’t going to hide away and we aren’t going to disappear so I suggest you sit down and listen to what we have to say or face isolating many people especially our new generation of forward thinkers. 
Cllr Kyle Robinson