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Local Councillors Secure £45K Footpath Upgrade

Butt Lane Councillors inspect footpath 216 before upgrade works begin.

Butt Lane Councillors inspect footpath 216 before upgrade works begin.

Local Labour councillors hail success after securing £45,000 to upgrade public footpath 216 in Butt Lane.  The footpath is accessed from West Avenue and runs behind the houses of Church Street, finally exiting onto Congleton Road adjacent to St. Saviours Primary School. The improvement works will be funded by a Public Right of Way contribution from Taylor Wimpey. Taylor Wimpey’s contribution was secured through a section 106 agreement with Newcastle Borough Council.

It is understood that the works will be completed by contractors appointed by Staffordshire County Council and not housing developer, Taylor Wimpey. The contractor will begin work on the surfacing of the footpath on Monday 16th January.  The path will be temporarily closed for the duration of the works. Residents are politely asked to use other routes until the works are completed.

Councillor Kyle Robinson said: “I welcome the news that this footpath will finally be brought up to a decent standard.  Back in 2013, Sylvia and I raised the alarm about the state the public footpath had been left in following the development of Bluebell Croft.  The footpath in question has been used for many years by local residents as a safer route to school and for recreational purposes.  I am pleased we have been listened to on this matter and finally this 106 agreement will deliver for local people.  It’s about time our local area gets the investment it deserves and we will fight for more.”

Councillor Sylvia Dymond added: “Many residents have been calling for an improvement to the footpath, including those that have moved onto the new estate.  Local people have endured two years of problems with fencing, building work and a muddy overgrown footpath so this news is well received.  At last we have a safer route for everyone to reach the local school, shops and to just enjoy a walk.”

Footpath 216 begins on West Avenue and leads all the way up to Congleton Road.

Footpath 216 begins on West Avenue and leads all the way up to Congleton Road.

Joan Walley MP backs Linley Road Residents

Joan_Walley_MPLabour MP Joan Walley has written to Newcastle Borough Council’s Planning Committee to back the residents of Linley Road and Old Butt Lane with their objections to the removal of condition 16 on West Avenue that restricts deliveries in the evening and in the early hours of the morning.  Residents and local Councillors sought the help of Ms Walley to make it clear the removal of condition 16 would be a disaster.  Kidsgrove Town Council has backed residents and made objections.

Please click the letter below to enlarge:

Joan Walley MP-1200652FUL-page-001

Many thanks

Cllr Kyle Robinson

West Avenue Delivery Nightmare

Dear Residents

Please read below my objections to AAH Pharmaceuticals application for the removal of condition 16.

Dear Planning Committee

I am writing to object to application 12/00652/FUL Removal of Condition 16 of Planning Permission 05/00313/FUL (Restriction to hours of access by collection and delivery vehicles).  I am objecting to this item is for several reasons.

Linley _Road_Talke_Cllr_Kyle_Robinson

Linley Road is located right on the entrance of West Avenue.

I am concerned about the adverse effect on the residential amenity of neighbours in the evening and early hours of the morning due to noise and disturbance from large delivery vehicles.  Residents of Linley road and Old Butt Lane have reported to me over the years they are already heavily affected by the deliveries that take place in the day time.  This is something they have learned to live with but I feel delivery vehicles using West Avenue in the evening will only make the current noise situation worse.  These complaints are not something residents have made up.  They are legitimate and as a ward councillor for Butt Lane I have witnessed the problems myself.  It’s also confirmed that vibrations from the large vehicles using this road late at night can be very disturbing for residents whose bedrooms are located at the front of their properties.  Headlights on the large delivery vehicles coming in and out of West Avenue also have an impact on the resident’s wellbeing in the evening.


The entrance of AAH Pharmaceuticals is on the right and to the left are new properties currently being constructed and sold to the public.

I would also like the planning committee to look back on recent applications they have passed for huge developments of residential properties on most of the derelict land on West Avenue.  Despite the noise impact assessment report pointing out: “The site lies within an established employment area and the use carried out by AAH Pharmaceuticals Limited is entirely appropriate”.  The Question I have is what does the council want this area to be?  A residential area or an industrial estate?  If the proposed changes are passed by Newcastle Borough Council planning committee I am afraid they would be seriously misleading buyers of the new properties along West Avenue who at present think deliveries only take place in the daytime.  Condition 16 makes the area more attractive to buyers who currently think there would be little disturbance from local businesses in the evenings and late at night.  In fact viewers of the new properties are told there are no heavy deliveries late at night or at early hours in the morning.

I am asking the committee to sympathise with the residents and understand they have to live with constantly increasing traffic and expansion of business on a daily basis creating more and more noise and disturbance.  We all accept there has to be give and take but it seems it’s always Butt Lane and Talke residents that have to be flexible when it comes to ever-expanding developments and business projects in this area.

Cllr Kyle Robinson