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Healthy CookingThe Newcastle Partnership have announced they are to give out £10,000 in funding as part of the Food and Health programme 2014.  Kidsgrove and Butt Lane areas are highlighted to receive this funding where there is a gap in service provision.

Applications are invited from community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and Locality Action Partnerships that are able to deliver community-based Food and Health projects in order to improve access to healthy, affordable food in socio-economically disadvantaged areas.

The need for the programme has arisen through increasing health inequalities, poor access to affordable healthy food, an increasing use of food banks, and insight from local community leaders who report poor food budgeting, lack of cooking skills and food crisis situations for vulnerable individuals and families in disadvantaged areas. The overall aim of the programme is to improve health and wellbeing outcomes in relation to food and health.

The criteria to access the funding is as follows:

  • Development of healthy cooking skills
  • Budgeting – planning, buying and preparing healthy food on a budget
  • Supermarket/local food market tours to support planning, buying and preparing healthy food on a budget
  • Community food co-operatives
  • Community growing schemes
  • Sustainable food provision and supply

If you wish to apply please read the criteria document and complete the funding application form and email to helen.jones3@staffordshire.gov.uk

Food and Health Funding Criteria – Round 2

Food and Health Funding Application Form – Round 2


Residents to Protect Butt Lane Wildlife

Residents are set to oppose a Taylor Wimpey Development of 171 dwellings at the rear of Church Street, West Avenue.  Following a public residents meeting on Monday 16th June, residents angrily rejected claims that the Butt Lane area could take more houses without the proper highway surveys taking place on Congleton Road, Linley Road and local side streets.  Local campaigners are now in the process of putting together a petition to ensure Staffordshire County Council Highways take on board resident concerns and carry out a full and thorough road traffic survey of the local area.

In another turn of events, residents described how one third of the woodland on the site may be lost, despite Taylor Wimpey implying they would protect this space for furture generations to use.  The plans have been rigorously scrutinised and people have become alarmed.  The previous owner of the site applied for planning permission in 2011/2012 to which Natural England objected due to the badger sets and bat roosts in the woodland.  Pictures have now come to light of the badgers in the area regularly approaching the properties surrounding the site.  Dog walkers, cyclists and hikers visit the site daily and are vehemently opposed to any changes to the Woodland.  It was pointed out at the public meeting that more green space will be lost when there is still a significant amount of brownfield sites in the area.

Over 60 residents are now opposed to the site being developed in the current circumstances.  Local Councillors will keep you up to date regarding the status of the application, once it has been submitted to Newcastle Borough Council.  Below are photographs of the site set to be developed including the Woodland that Taylor Wimpey promised to protect during their consultation.  Thank you to S Williams for providing the majority of photographs.


48 Hours to STOP a Supermarket

Rivals 'reduce Tesco market share'

Another supermarket in Kidsgrove?

Residents have less than 48 hours to stop a supermarket in the Butt Lane and Talke area. Mr S Sakhdari of Realty Estates Ltd has applied for a change of condition to the Linley Trading Estate site. Currently Linley Trading Estate has planning permission for 139 houses, but if these changes are approved several companies including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys could move onto the site instead of a housing developer.  It is clear that a supermarket would generate considerably more traffic than a housing estate.

Whilst councillors and residents continue to be pro-business, major concerns have been raised regarding local roads reaching saturation point. Congleton Road and Linley Road are becoming impassable at rush hour times due to congestion. Side streets including Church Street, Old Butt Lane, Woodshutts Street and Unity Way are also seeing a massive increase in traffic cutting through local roads to reach new housing developments recently built in the area.

The backing up of traffic on Linley Road up to Talke traffic lights will be further exacerbated if a supermarket is thrown into the mix. Supermarkets attract thousands of cars a day and the impact has not been properly weighed up by certain departments at the local authority. There is also a potential impact on the health and wellbeing of residents in Talke due to the increase in HGV delivery vehicles.

Kidsgrove currently has a large Tesco supermarket, an Aldi and several Co-operative food stores. Kidsgrove Town Centre Partnership has worked hard to ensure our local town centres are given a new lease of life and the group continues to look at ways to increase shopper footfall. It is quite clear that if another large supermarket is built within the town, we will see less people using our high street. Our neighbours next door in Alsager are due to have a new Sainsburys supermarket on the former Twyfords site and a large Co-operative store in Alsager Town Centre is rumoured to have been bought out by another leading supermarket company in an aggressive takeover. The local view is that more supermarkets in this area would be extreme and excessive.

If you are a resident of Talke, Butt Lane or Alsager and you want to object to the application the deadline to make comments is Friday 14th June.

Firstly you need to visit Newcastle Borough Councils Planning Public Access system by clicking the link below:


You need to register to make a public comment.  The application reference number is 14/00362/FUL and can be entered into the search fields.

If there are considerable objections to this application there could be a possibility of stopping it altogether. Please make your views known. If you are not opposed then you are more than welcome to write whatever you wish on the planning portal.  I support fair debate.  Only recently, an independent Councillor on Kidsgrove Town Council accused Butt Lane residents of being Nimby’s, but that Councillor is regularly complaining about HGV delivery vehicles outside his own home due to a large shopping centre.  A whiff of hypocrisy if you ask me!


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